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gf - Okay, we'll kick things off. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of that balmy, steamy, sweltering time of year we call summer?
Rebecca - Hot, sun, water and beach !
Tammin - Definitely sunbaking and being happy. When you've got beautiful weather you get a happy vibe.
Bec - You feel a lot more on top of things coz you're out there exercising and looking after yourself.
Tam - I'm going overseas for a bit. I've booked a trip to an island with my boyfriend and friends ... for relaxing and reading. Just being a typical teenager.
Bec - I haven't got much planned because I'm not sure what commitments I'll have with my music. I'm really good friends with Ada Nicodemou and Danny Raco, so Beau and I will probably end up hanging around with them quite a bit. But I love the beach.
Tam - What's your earliest memory of summer?
Bec - My mum told me that when she'd take me to the beach she knew I wouldn't run away, coz she'd put me on the towel and I hated the sand so much I wouldn't move ! But my earliest memory is going to the Gold Coast I wanted to move there !
Tam - We always used to go away somewhere at the end of the year. We went to Hawaii a couple of times. I learnt to surf there a couple of years ago but they were low waves - not the big waves like in Australia. I had a long, thin board so you start quite far back and you just roll in right at the end. It's beautiful you go really slowly and it's so nice.
Bec - I learnt to surf about two years ago and I stood up first go so I aws very proud of myself ! Last summer I didn't get out there that much so this summer I really want to get out on top of it. But I'm pretty much an outdoors person.
Tam - Me too. I just like to be on the go.
Bec - You've got more energy in summer. In winter, you tend to eat to keep warm as a sort of comfort thing, whereas in summer I find it's too hot to eat.
Tam - I drink a lot more water in the summer. And the array of food like lots more fruit ... it's beautiful !
Bec - I live off fruit in summer and I love sluurrrrpies. Cola or passionfruit, yes please ! I get the jumbo ones coz they just don't last long with me. That's the best awy to cool down when it gets so hot.
Tam - Or dive into a nice pool. And it's so hot at night you've got to have a very strong fan on to keep cool. But then you wake up with the sniffles, coz the cold air's been on you so you can't win !

Bec - Hey when you're at the beach, do you prefer guys in boardies or Speedos?
Tam - Boardies ! Coz if a guy's wearing Speedos he probably thinks a lot of himself. People just don't do it nowadays. So definitely boardshorts.
Bec - Yeah, I think boys look very sexy in boardies.
Tam - What if Beau wore Speedos?
Bec - I think he'd look sexy in Speedos too ... but I like the way boardies sit low on the hips ! [ laughs ] Change of topic ! If you were a single gal, who would be your celebrity crush?
Tam - Brad Pitt !
Bec - Really? There was no pause there.
Tam - No pause ! There's no doubt ! He's not the boy next door type, he's got a rough sort of thing going on. You can tell he'd be quite a cheeky guy.
Bec - I was never one of those girls with posters on their walls coz I aws always so busy with my dancing. But who do I like? Um, Ryan Phillippe's pretty cute !
Tam - Because we spend so much time outdoors in summer, what do you do to look after your skin?
Bec - I always wear sunscreen and I especially use eye cream and moisturise. As a kid you're not really aware of the dangers so you don't worry about it as much but I do now. I hate getting fried.
Tam - I tan quite easily but I know even tanning is damaging your skin - so as long as you put on lots of sunscreen and you've got sunnies and a hat, it's fine. My typical summer outfit is a loose - fitting skirt with some nice slip - on shoes and a light thin top.
Bec - This year it's been short skirts and singlet tops for me. And all the peasant stuff coz that's light. I've got the  [ shopping ] bug big time at the moment. But I'm really indecisive ... sometimes I can NOT decide between two colours so I'll just get both !
Tam - I love going shopping but I hate trying on clothes so sometimes if I can't be bothered I'll buy it and then take it home and realise it's wrong. Then I have to go all the way back and change it again ... so the moral of the story is try on clothes !