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1- Tammin moved fronm South Africa to Australia at the age of four. If you listen closely when she speaks, you can sometimes hear the remains of a South African accent.
2- Before Home and Away she modelled for various teen girl magazines and she also promoted clothing for K-mart stores.
3- Her favourite subjects at school were Art, Drama, English and History.
4- She won a Logie  Award for Best New Female Talent in 2001 at the age of 17.
5- When she was three, Tammin had her fingers jammed in a car door. She ended up with a small scar on her forehead from when her mum tried to open the door quickly and it flung out and hit her in the head. Ouch!
6- When Tammin and her mum first went into Chadwick's Modelling Agency they told her, " You're a bit short but you've got something " and signed her up on the spot.
7- Some of her favourite artists include Craig David, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Natalie Imbruglia and Michael Jackson. Other Tammin favourites include favourite movie - Romeo and Juliet, favourite book - The Horse Whisperer, favourite colour - yellow, because " It makes me happy and makes me feel alive " and favourite exercise - dancing and rollerblading.
8- When Tammin's spending time alone she loves making up books about her life with photos, quotes and drawings in them.
9- Her ideal romantic date is a candle-lit dinner at a restaurant.
10- Tammin has worn glasses since she was 13. She wears contacts on the set of Home and Away.

Home and Away star Bec Cartwright has a fan club you wouldn't believe. And the bubbly blonde who plays Hayley is counting her lucky stars - actor friends Ada Nicodemou and Beau Brady.
As Bec gets set to launch her first pop song - All Seats Taken - her friends from the small screen are right there beside her.
" Ada has been telling everyone when the single is out, she knows more about it then me! " says the bubbly 19 - year - old.
And what about on - screen/ off - screen musican boyfriend, Beau who plays Noah to Bec's Hayley on Home and Away?
" He's really happy for me and he doesn't even mind it when I make him sit through old videos of me singing and dancing! "
Bec laughs off any suggestion of competition between her and the Neighbours stars - turned - singers Holly Valance and Delta Goodrem.
" Absolutely not! Holly has done extremely well - good on her. I've even gone out and bought her CD ", says Bec.
" And Delta and I have known each other since we were seven, we went to the same dancing school. Our mums caught up last week for lunch. We're not fussed about each other at all ".
After spending a year searching for the perfect song, Bec is bursting with excitement over the release of her single. Meanwhile Home and Away fans will be glad to know she has no plans to leave the Bay.