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Bec popstar

What made you decide to sing professionally?

Well I used to be a dancer. Since the age of three I'd do like the performance courses like all day of a Saturday where you do singing, dancing and drama and I couldn't choose a favourite because I just love them all. So since I started Home and Away three years ago I sort of had to give all that up because there really wasn't any time to be going to classes every week at a certain time. I was just really missing it and I really want to get back into it and get back up on stage and sort of dance again. It's a big adrenaline rush just being on stage, so yeah ...

There have been rumours that this means you'll leave Home and Away.

That I was leaving the show! Not even ... no, I'm really happy here at the moment. Yeah, I'm still here. I'm still sticking around here for a while and see what else they have for Hayley to do because I'm enjoying it here and  the people here are still really cool.

Which artists have inspired you?

Well, Kylie Minogue. She's sort of gone down the same road that I'm sort of heading on, but I actually really like Jennifer Lopez. She's doing both things now - she's doing the singing and the acting. She's pretty cool and nobody has had anything bad to say about her.

How would you describe your sound?

Ummm, it's ... pop. [ laughs ]. So really just sort of dancey and up there to make people want to have a boogie!

Do you mind being known as a " soapie singer ?"

I don't really like that, but I just sort of want to do this for me to sort of get out there and dance again and see how it goes and hopefully everyone else will enjoy it.

Would you ever do a cover version of the Home and Away theme?

[ gasps ] I don't know! I haven't thought about that! Probably not. I mean, maybe for fun or something but I doubt they would do it for the show or anything like that.

What was the first CD you ever brought?

It was one my friend bought me for my birthday. It was the No Doubt song " I'm Just A Girl " because when we went over to America and did a [ dancing ] workshop there, one of the first songs we were taught a routine to was the song. It wasn't out in Australia yet so when it came out here we were so excited!

Do you prefer Kylie or Natalie?

Natalie Imbruglia used to go to the same dancing school I went to! I didn't know her. She actually just left and then I came so I didn't get to know her. Umm, I don't know because they're both doing the same sort of thing. They're both talented so it's really hard to choose between them because they're both doing their own kind of style. They're both Aussies, so I'll just say both of them!

Are you excited about doing the video clip for your first single?

It hasn't been done yet, but I think that will be a fun part of it, for sure. Yeah and then watching it back will be like, " Oh My God! " [ laughs ]

Finally, where do you see yourself in five years time, Bec?

I'll still be working on the music and I'd still like to do a hair and make-up course because I would like to learn a bit about hair and make-up. But for the moment, I'm still here at Home and Away!